Transmission Replacement Cost For Your Toyota Yaris

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The Toyota Yaris is an excellent family car with an organized interior and beautiful trim options. However, the transmission in the Yaris is notorious for acting up unexpectedly. The transmission on the Toyota Yaris can either be manual or automatic. The six-speed manual transmission is the default option, but you can also get an automatic transmission if you prefer.

Transmission fluid replacement vs. transmission flush

When you compare the cost of transmission fluid replacement and transmission flush for your Toyota Yaris, you’ll find that the former is a more expensive option. A transmission flush removes the old fluid from the transmission and replaces it with a clean one. This procedure is recommended every 30,000 miles, as it will keep your transmission running smoothly and help preserve its lifespan.

If you’ve been driving your Toyota Yaris for a while, you’ve probably noticed a clunky, rough, or sluggish transmission. Those signs indicate a problem with the transmission. It may also be the cause of the check engine light coming on and making odd noises. You may also notice a slipping gear, which can affect your acceleration. Additionally, you might notice that the engine is rumbling when you hold down the gas pedal.

Transmission noises

If your Toyota Yaris is making strange noises, your car’s transmission may be due for a tune-up. You should check your transmission for oil, as a low oil level can cause transmission noises. When your transmission is dirty, metal dust can accumulate and mix with the transmission oil, creating a snowball effect.

A faulty transmission can also cause the check-engine light to illuminate. The symptoms of a faulty transmission include gear slippage, slipping gears, and odd engine noises. When the transmission is loose, your gears will change quickly and negatively affect your acceleration. Another sign is a loud engine revving when you hold the gas pedal.

Transmission fluid color

You might have noticed that the transmission fluid in your Toyota Yaris has changed color. Generally, the transmission fluid in your Toyota Yaris should be an amber color. However, as the transmission fluid ages, it can turn dirty red. Although this color is not harmful to the transmission, it should be replaced if it has turned black or has burned.

Regardless of color, the fluid inside of your transmission will change color after several thousand miles. Initially, it will be a bright pink color, but it will start turning a muddy brown or maroon color over time. If this occurs, it’s best to replace the fluid or replace the filter. Changing the fluid is not necessary if your car’s transmission is still functional, and you should check the owner’s manual before you replace it.

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