Toyota Yaris Clutch Replacement

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Here is a great starter tool kit
Watch Marc replace a clutch kit on this Toyota Yaris.
replacing a clutch isn’t as daunting as you might think.

remove the battery and begin stripping down everything that is attached to the gearbox.
this includes wiring looms, pipes, gear selectors, starter motor, electrical multiplugs and the slave cylinder.
slave cylinders can differ in design, this one however is mounted outside the gearbox ( the easier design ) this means we can detach it without introducing air into the system. this means we dont have to bleed the clutch fluid later on as we are able to just move it to one side.

you can remove bell housing bolts but make sure to keep them organised, some are different sizes and lengths so it pays off to be organised here.
i always leave one bolt in the bell housing until it is ready for removal.

once everything has been detached from the gearbox, drain the gear oil and remove the driveshafts. support the engine and remove the rear stabiliser bush, when you do this the engine will tilt slightly. making sure your engine support is fitted properly will soften the force of this tilt.
again, once you are happy your engine support is adequate, remove the gearbox mounts and then with the transmission supported (via T/jack or your own strength) loosen the last remaining bolt and remove the gearbox.
while the gearbox is on the bench its a good opportunity to clean it up and swap out the thrust bearing.

using a screw driver to lock the flywheel in place, you can undo the clutch plates, clean the friction surface before fitting the new clutch.
Always refer to your Tech data and procedure manuals on how to correctly install and torque these plates.

when you’re happy, re fit in the reverse order in which it was removed.
don’t forget to re fill the gearbox with gear oil (commonly 75w 90)

Every wheel that is removed must be properly torqued before you test drive.

i hope you enjoyed this video!
i hope this helped if you were looking on carrying out this job yourself.
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